Lucerne – a great energy booster for your horse

How can my horse benefit from Lucerne Chaff?

Adding Lucerne Chaff to your horse’s daily diet is important to ensure your horse is getting sufficient energy. Understanding the energy requirements for your horse is crucial and Lucerne is well known to be a high energy source for horses. Lucerne has 13-20% protein compared to grass feeds which can be around 4-12%. Did you know that a deficiency in protein limits both growth and milk production?

Calcium is another major advanatage in feeding Lucerne to your horses and helps to maintain their bone strength, and is critical for competition horses where you are putting them through a lot of work and their energy levels require protein in order to perform well.

What horses are suited for Lucerne Chaff?

Horses suited for Lucerne Chaff are young growing horses, lactating mares, and any horse with a heavy workload. Lucerne can also play a role in the spelling or idle horse’s diet, and will provide these horses with good quality protein and calcium. If you keep energy and protein within your horse’s RDI (recommended daily intake), you can safely feed Lucerne Chaff without having excess weight gain due primarily to too much energy.

How is Lucerne fed to horses?

Lucerne Chaff is ideally suited for mixing and feeding in combination with oaten and wheaten chaff, together with grain and protein meal beased concentrates. Mixing chaff with concentrates can help to slow the rate of feed intake and reduce the risk of rumen acidosis in ruminants and hindgut acidosis in horses.

With horses, cattle, sheep and goats ensure that new feed materials are introducted into their diet gradually, building up to the full daily allowance over one to two weeks. With chaff and concentrate mixtures fed to ruminants and horses splitting the daily allowance into two small meals per day rather than feeding the entire daily allowance in one single meal is recommended. Ensure animals have access to fresh, clean water at all times.

Future Feeds Lucerne is carefully baled to maximum leaf retention and provides up to 20% protein value, so if your stock are working hard our premium chaff will provide them with all their daily energy requirements. Order Future Feeds Lucerne Chaff here.

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