What Our Customers Say About Us

Supa is getting super excited seeing his feed coming. "He can be a fussy eater but loves Future Feed's chaff".
Future Feeds Chaff
Siobhan Marea Frances Fauth
Angela has a two year old warmblood who gets chaff each day to keep his Future Feeds Oaten Chafftummy happy and in top condition. Angela says "Future Feed's Oaten Chaff is lovely and sweet smelling, not dusty at all and the horses are loving it, I'm very happy with it thanks".
Future Feeds Chaff
Angela McLennan
Hannah is a fan of Future Feed's Chaff and had this to say about it for her horse Charlie:Future Feeds Chaff. "Great quality chaff, this is Charlie enjoying the Future Feed's Meadow Chaff".
Future Feeds Chaff
Hannah Jean Ballantyne
Emma had this to say about Future Feed's Chaff: Lucerne Meadow Chaff "Thank you so much for the five bags of Meadow Lucerne Chaff, all four of my guys love it to bits! It's such a beautiful mix with a brillant smell and no dust at all. I highly recommend this mix and I'm so glad I chose to give it a go. I'll definitely be back for more once I'm through these bags".
Lucerne Chaff
Emma Champ
Alicia is a big fan of Future Feed's Chaff, only the best for her horse Max! Future Feeds Chaff. "Thanks Future Feed's team, we love the chaff and the quality, it gets the big thumbs up from Max!" It looks like Max has his head already in the bag...lol!
Future Feeds Chaff